Author Interest

How it Works: (Authors and Narrators)

Looking to gain some traction with audiobook sales?

Need visibility in the sea of audiobooks?

Have a new audiobook out that you need to launch?

Most importantly, are you looking to build a mailing list of readers interested specifically in audio?

Audiobook Access is here for you with our genre giveaway.

The Practical Bits:

Authors in a single genre or theme submit 5 codes for free Audible books.

During the promotion, authors are expected to join us in getting the word out to their mailing lists and on social media. Readers sign up for their chance to win and can increase their chances by sharing the promo socially through King Sumo.

Multiple entrants win a code for one audiobook.

One winner gets all of the audiobooks.

But this isn’t just for getting free books into the world (which is cool).

And it also isn’t just about getting a few audiobooks sold through giving out your codes.

Authors will also receive all of the emails of readers signing up.

Reader lists are awesome. Segmented lists are even better.

Connect with audiophiles to do future giveaways, offer review copies of the book they hoped to win, and nurture a community committed to excellent audiobooks.

We’ll give the list an initial scrub and then send along the list from the entire promotion!

Note: US promotion only.

Did you get through all of that? Here’s the skinny: This promo is a way to build your list. Every author and/or narrator gets the emails of every contestant. All you need to do is pay and give us five ACX codes to give away, and we do the rest. Audiobook Access is the only promotion made to help you build your mailing list. You’ll also give away some books, which college lead to some reviews! Give it a shot.

If you’re interested, submit your info below. We’ll review it, and if your project fits our quality standards, we’ll let you know!

How often are giveaways?

2 per month. They start on Monday and last through the following Monday. You’ll get your scrubbed lists by the Friday after the giveaway ends.

What’s it cost?


Upcoming giveaways…

June 5th – Clean Romance

June 19th – Young Adult/Teens

July 3rd – Urban Fantasy

July 17th – Paranormal Romance

July 31st – Fantasy

August 14th – Thriller & Mystery

September 4th – Romance


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